calibros (calibros) wrote,

Man, I'm pissed off....I was walking home from work, and as usual, I'm walking fast, hard, with a purpose. And gaining on a group of kids, ages ranging from 5 to maybe 13...
I wasn't chasing them, or even intent on them, they were just in front of me...
So, as I am walking, one of them notices me, screams and the whole bunch take off running...It might have been amusing had they not screamed every few seconds, ran harder, and when i finally did pass them I heard something to the effect of "chase into a house with a butcher's knife"
What the fuck? Am I now become the boogeyman, used to frighten children? What kind of fucking bullshit is that? It may have amused those little close-minded bitches, but it really hurt me to have that kind of reaction, that kind of laughter. It's funny, you grow up abused and downtrodden and as an adult you think you get past it...Guess not. Thanks kids, have a heart next time and don't be so fucking quick to judge.
Is it any wonder I don't care for most of society? Or that I am so cynical? Just fuck them...
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