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Ha! Holy fuck crap! Man, I've ignored this place for a looooong time. =) Amazingly not much has changed. I am stillworking at the same place, still hating my boss, and still me, beyond that, i would say the most exciting thing to happen in recent months was having an immense anxiety attack that felt like a heart attack, and I said holy crap fuck it and decided I would just go ahead and go to the hospital for. Ultimately, at the hospital for several hours, hooked up to my very own oxygen tank (screw drugs, that thing rocks!), several hundred dollars in bills later- it is revealed, I have anxiety issues. Well, no shit.
That was months ago, now if I feel one coming on I head to the deep antartic of the freezer and sit in the cold. Amazing how that will calm you down.
Lets see, beyond that Becky just headed out of town to her program, that should help her out a bit. Hopefully she can get away from that nutjob in the process...and...somehow I gotta get my friend to wake the fuck up and realize when her boyfriend beats her, it's not a good thing. Jesus...
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